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Luton Family Law and staff have helped me through the most difficult time of my life, the team are truly fantastic. The services they offer are professional and with that personal touch. They continued to give me good advice at a good price! I would definitely recommend Luton Family Law, with their help I have now shared custody of my children and I am happy to have them back in my life!!

Rakesh Da Costa Luton
Date of Posting: 13 February 2014
Posted By: Rakesh Da Costa
To Huma and all Staff at Luton Family Law.

Thank you for all your help with our case. You were very understanding of our situation and you approached us with a friendly yet professional manner.

The service you provided us was excellent. You helped us understand what the outcome could be and you helped us overcome the difficult situation we were put in. With your help we are now able to move on with our lives and put what happened behind us.

I would recommend Luton Family Law to anyone who is looking for a competent, trustworthy, honest, professional and value for money Solicitor.

Thank you so much for all your help, time and effort. We wish you and your team all the best for the future.

From, Shelley Chowdhury and Mannan Choudhury.
Date of Posting: 26 September 2013
Posted By: Kelly
Huma ali: a very good, hardworking and decent person, providing value for money service whilst balancing a professional objective approach with an honest and supportive style. She will make u feel comfortable and is approachable and accessible.
Date of Posting: 22 July 2012
Posted By: Dr Hassan
I am a father who like I’m sure many was forced to take action when my child’s mother wanted to stop me from seeing my son and take him to live in another country.

This matter was not only distressing it also seemed hopeless and costly.

I owe a great debt of gratitude to Ms Huma Ali and her team for their reassurances and proactive and when necessary relentless approach with acute attention to detail to dealing with the other solicitors and courts that would have been only to happy to allow the matter to be dragged out owing to paper work and their failure to "dot the I and cross the T".

Ms Ali offers competitive rates and payment methods to suit you.
Her style of service although I’m sure she has many clients, but she always makes time to speak to you and has a very welcoming open door type policy for her clients.
By the end I now have joint custody of my son and greater input into his life then I’d ever imaged id get given all the stories that courts always side with mothers mostly.

I would greatly recommend to anyone who feels the need or the want to pursue family disputes and issues legally contact Luton Family Law.
Date of Posting: 26 March 2012
Posted By: Jason Odelli
I own and run a successful chain of takeaways, unfortunately i had to ask Huma Ali who was introduced to myself with high recommendations from people who have used her services.
I and my then partner mutually where going through a separation with a view to a divorce., as we both owned and founded a highly profitable chain of take ways i needed someone who would look after my business interest and pursue a strong settlement in terms of keeping hold of the buissness. I am very proud to say that Huma Ali negotiated with great professionalism and tact to secure my assests.I strongly recommend this unique lady with tons of experience in this messy fields of divorce settlements.A wonderful and cost effective service.
Date of Posting: 05 July 2011
Posted By: Joyoti Patel
Huma Ali, was an angel from above, i recently arrived from Mirpur Pakistan and married my cousin.He was very nasty towards me and i suffered domestic violence.He also had a english girlfriend who he had children to.I endured 2 years of violence from him and his family who kept me locked up and enslaved.The marriage was a sham, and i was desperate for help and support. I built up the courage to break free from this violent man and family and this firm of solicitor Huma Ali, stood like rock with me for my rights and made sure that i was protected by the laW. i CAN ONLY CONGRATULATE THIS SPECIAL LADY WHO HAS THE COURAGE TO help me...

Anwar Kahtoon
Date of Posting: 05 June 2011
Posted By: Zed
Ms Ali from Luton Family Law provided an excellent service when I needed a good family lawyer in relation to my divorce. She charged a fraction of the price that other high street lawyers were quoting and there was no VAT added either. I would recommend Ms Ali to everyone who needs an excellent Solicitor when dealing with such a delicate and emotional matter especially when children are involved. Thanks for everything Luton Family Law!
Date of Posting: 03 June 2011
Posted By: Zara Khan
Luton Family Law are really very excellent, Huma Ali supported me and my family through challenging a forced marriage protection order that had been enforced by the local authority. My family were under a lot of stress and worry at the time, we approached MK Solicitors Bury Park, they advised us no one else in Luton specialised in this area. I then googled a solicitors in Bedford. They really were just a money grabbing firm, they didn't represent us for long and charged us an extortionate amount of money. I am writing a complaint to the law society about them. I then called Luton Family Law and they took over our case with professionalism and sincerity. Huma showed empathy towards our circumstances, presented our case to the courts with good a knowledge and expertise in Family Law. We felt we were in safe hands and she charged about third of what the Bedford solicitors charged. She really is excellent and I would recommend her to anyone.
Date of Posting: 18 April 2011
Posted By: Mrs Bibi

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