Unfortunately each year approximately 150,000 marriages end in divorce. As divorce experts and solicitors specialising in all aspects of matrimonial law, we recognise that this can be a very difficult period both emotionally and financially for individuals seeking legal advice.

At Luton Family Law we are able to provide you with professional yet plain speaking legal advice following the breakdown of your marriage and help you through each stage of the legal process.

Undoubtedly you may also require specialist advice on how obtaining a divorce can affect any children from the marriage, in which case we can further advise you on parental responsibility, residence, child custody, child support and other financial matters.

If you have reached the point in your relationship where either you or your partner are considering seeking a divorce then please call us to find out your legal and financial rights and options.

For more information and advice please call 01582 966 620 to speak to our Senior Solicitor Huma Ali or e-mail us on Contact Us.