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Child Arrangements

Understanding Your Needs

We recognise that concerns about children’s welfare, residence, and contact arrangements can be emotionally overwhelming. Our team, led by Huma Ali, is committed to understanding your unique circumstances, providing clear guidance, and crafting solutions that are in the best interest of your children.


Services Offered

Child Custody and Residence:

Helping to establish fair and workable custody and residence arrangements that support the children’s well-being and maintain family relationships.

Contact and Access Arrangements:

Assisting in creating practical and sustainable contact and access schedules for non-resident parents, ensuring their continued involvement in the children’s lives.


Advising on child support and financial arrangements to secure the necessary resources for your children’s upbringing.


Legal Support and Expertise

Our team is equipped to handle complex child-related matters, ensuring that your children’s rights and needs are the central focus. We provide clear legal guidance and, where necessary, assertive representation to safeguard the best interests of your children.


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Why Choose Us?

Child-Centred Approach:

We focus on securing arrangements that prioritise your children's emotional and physical well-being.

Experienced Guidance:

With over 30 years in family law, our team has the knowledge and expertise to navigate child arrangement cases effectively.

Compassionate Support:

We provide compassionate, supportive guidance to help you through this emotionally challenging period.

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If you are facing challenges regarding child arrangements due to relationship changes, reach out to Luton Family Law for experienced legal counsel. Contact us today to discuss your child-related concerns and explore the best solutions for your family’s future.


 Child arrangements are typically decided based on the best interests of the child. Factors considered include the child’s age, relationships with parents, and their wishes if they are old enough to express them. We guide you through this process, ensuring fair and workable arrangements.

 Yes, grandparents may have legal rights to see their grandchildren. We can provide assistance in obtaining visitation rights or exploring mediation to establish a satisfactory arrangement that prioritises the child’s welfare.

 In cases where parents cannot reach an agreement, legal avenues such as mediation or court intervention may be necessary. Our team at Luton Family Law has experience in navigating these situations to secure the best outcomes for the child.

 At Luton Family Law, we offer compassionate and expert support in child-related matters. Our team provides guidance on custody arrangements, visitation schedules, and ensures that the child’s well-being remains at the forefront of all decisions. We aim for solutions that foster positive family relationships.

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